Welcome Althletes


The St. James Athletic Committee is responsible for funding and supporting the extracurricular sports program at St. James School.  They are also dedicated to ensuring that St. James School parents, students, and coaches follow all policies related to the sports programs.  This includes St. James School policies, Diocese of Norwich policies, and all policies required by the leagues our teams participate in.  In addition, St. James School supports Play Like A Champion Today. Families are encouraged to participate in the athletic programs in a variety of ways, including coaching, attending games, fundraising, and volunteering during games at the concessions stand.
The Athletic committee can be reached at:       


Athletic Directors: Mrs. Kerri Beaudreault & Mr. Jarrod DiZazzo

We try to offer a variety of sports for our students every year. Please see the list below of sports typically offered at

St. James School

Boys & Girls Soccer                         Grades 5th - 8th

Coed Cross Country                         Grades 5th - 8th

Coed Instructional Basketball        Grades 1st & 2nd

Coed Intramural Basketball            Grades 3rd & 4th

Boys & Girls Basketball                   Grades 5th - 8th

Cheerleading                                     Grades 3rd - 8th

Pep Squad                                        Grades 1st & 2nd

Softball                                               Grades 5th - 8th

Baseball                                             Grades 6th - 8th

Coed Track & Field                           Grades 5th - 8th