About St. James School....

At St. James Parochial School we pride ourselves on following the Catholic tradition of academic excellence.  Our school exist for the purpose of guiding its students toward Catholic, faith-based values and morals, academic excellence, citizenship, and physical development in everyday life.  In addition, we continue to offer a steadfast foundation for the continuing growth of each individual while offering our students an accelerated learning environment. St. James students experience positive growth academically, spiritually, morally, and socially. 

At St. James School we provide a robust curriculum that builds upon a foundation established not only by the 3 R's but by our 3 Rs of Respect, Responsibility and Rules.  Respect and love for oneself and for others, as well as, a sense of social responsibility are lived and learned in St. James's faith community.  This creates a well-rounded environment that sets the stage for continued educational achievement.  We offer a quality education which includes multiple opportunities to express oneself in a non-academic settings.  We provide a range of extra-curricular activities.

St. James School student body is  diverse, spanning a range of ages, abilities, race, creed and social background.  From this diversity, we draw strength and perspective.

St James School provides a quality education in a faith-based setting, Our faculty, students, curriculum and facilities are first-rate.  We create a nurturing and supportive environment that allows your child to maximize his/her potential. From our main office to the full-service cafeteria, each of us works to teach as Jesus did and to create an environment in which our children can flourish.  We prepare students to effectively meet the challenges and opportunities of society.

Welcome to St. James School

Mrs. McAteer's Welcome Letter