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Standards and Testing:

St James School utilizes a variety of procedures in order to evaluate and report the progress of individual students, with regard to meeting the goals of the program. Report cards and progress reports go out three times a year.

Academic notifications are sent home on an as-needed basis. IOWA standardized tests are given annually in April to grades one through eight. The Stanford Achievement Test is given to Kindergarteners at the end of the year to determine first-grade readiness. Pre-K students are assessed daily based on CT Preschool Assessment Benchmarks. The ACRE religion test is administered to grades 5 and 8. Students in grades 1-8 also take the MAP testing under NWEA. The results of these evaluations are shared via parent conferences, trimester progress reports, and report cards.

Standardized testing results are kept on file, along with permanent record cards in fire-proofed, locking file cabinets in the principal’s office. Testing results are used to provide appropriate instruction for the students.