St. James School does not stand alone, we thrive because of the support we receive from our community.

We work in unison with St. James Church, supporting each other through daily communication and shared ideals. Father John and Deacon Rene are ever present making sure our staff and students have everything they need to succeed. They are a shining example of living a life of service and gratitude. We are blessed to have them in our corner!

The parishioners of St. James Parish are indescribably generous and supportive of our school. When ever Father John tells them of our needs they pull together and help us reach our goals. We are amazed and awed at their unwavering belief in us and our school. Our success is a direct result of their faith and support.

The Friends of Assisi Food Pantry teaches our students the true meaning of giving and the importance of helping others in our community. Our students collect donations year-round for the Pantry, and our Student Council volunteers several times a month at the Pantry. The School is honored to host the Pantry's yearly Thanksgiving Food Basket Distribution. We are proud to be a small part of their massive efforts to feed hundreds of local families during the holiday. Jean Cyr and her crew are indispensable to our community! 

The people and businesses of Killingly are always there to support us in our goals to make our school the best it can be. They have made us a part of their community and they are our family. We couldn't ask for a better community to reside in.



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