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Welcome to the virtual home of St. James School. Located within the borough of Danielson, Connecticut, we provide a dynamic place of learning for children in preschool through eighth grade. Within these walls, we mix Catholic values and high academic standards to create a holistic education experience. St. James School is affiliated with the St. James Parish and Norwich Diocese.

Foremost, we are a community of learners with an enduring commitment to Catholic values. We joyfully engage in service-oriented activities as a vehicle to strengthen our ties to the Catholic Church and the families we serve. We are clear in purpose as we strive to carry out our role providing compassionate service within our greater community.

We invite you to explore what St. James School has to offer.

A Message from Our Principal

Dear St. James Families,

Thank you so much for your wonderful response to our new St. James School Facebook page. I hope that you find it helpful for staying up to date on what is happening in our school community. Like it or hate it, social media is here to stay. 
You may be noticing that the newsletter, which was our primary source of information when I arrived at the school, being phased out in many ways. We started with paper copies, moved to digital, and established the website to be more interactive. 

There is now the option to have texts sent to your phone regarding the various sporting and academic events on our calendar. Facebook is an even quicker way to find this information. 

Beginning next year, we will move the newsletters to the background even further, to perhaps even bi-monthly. The bulk of the information about the school will be available on the website and the school’s Facebook page. The newsletters may take a new tone and be less about the day to day and more about the vision that we have for our community. The track to the future holds exciting prospects. 

Peace and blessings,

Monique Almquist

Monique Almquist

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Safety Reminder

When pulling out from the school parking lot, please be mindful that state law prohibits the use of handheld cellphone use by drivers during vehicle operation. Also, drop off for students before 8:40 a.m. is in the back. Otherwise, it creates a safety hazard on Water Street. Thank you.