Frequently Asked Questions

We know you will have questions about our practices and policies from time to time. Chances are, if you have a question about something, someone else has probably asked it too! Check here for the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we have not addressed your concerns or if you would like further clarification.

What is the student dress code at St. James School?

We require students in grades 1-8 to wear the approved school uniform every day. If your child arrives at school in inappropriate attire, we will contact you and ask you to bring in a change of clothing. Students in preschool and kindergarten do not wear the school uniform. For uniform specifics, please reference the Dress Code Guide provided on the Home page in the Parent quick links.
On designated non-uniform days, we permit our students to wear jeans in good condition (no holes or stains) and modest shirts free from vulgarity, angry pictures, and writing. We also allow students to wear sneakers in good condition and to wear their St. James sweatshirts in place of a sweater on these days.
We require all St. James School students to follow these general guidelines:

  • We do not permit students to wear open-toed/heeled shoes due to safety concerns.
  • We require our students to have clean, neat hair, styled away from their eyes. We do not permit unusual hairstyles, coloring, tinting, or highlighting of any kind.
  • We require boys’ hair to be cut above the collar and trimmed around the ears.
  • We do not permit nail polish, makeup, excessive jewelry, or dangling earrings. Boys may not wear earrings.
  • We do not allow body piercings and visible tattoos, permanent or temporary.

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We have decided St. James School is an excellent school for our child(ren). What do we need to do to begin the admissions process?

We admit students of any race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin. The admissions process requires potential students to participate in an interview with the principal, have a physical examination, and take a developmentally appropriate screening. We require the following documentation to consider enrollment:

  • Birth certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • A copy of a current report card (grades 1-8)
  • Applicable standardized test results (grades 1-8)
  • 504 or IEP records (grades 1-8)

Please visit our Admissions page for more details regarding the admissions process.

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My child must miss school due to illness, medical appointments, or another activity. What is the procedure to report an absence?

Attendance is essential to a student’s success. Students may not accumulate more than 20 absences during an entire school year. The law considers leaving school before completing four hours of the school day an absence. In the event your child must be absent from school, please follow the following procedure:

  • Call the school office at 860-774-3281. You may leave a message if there is no reply. We will contact parents of absent children if you do not notify us.
  • Report contagious illnesses, such as strep throat or chicken pox, to the school nurse.
  • When your child returns to school, send a written note with the date(s) of absence, and provide the reason for the absence. A general excuse, such as, “Johnny was home sick,” is not sufficient. Please be specific (indicate whether the child had the flu, a fever, an upset stomach, etc.). Please note that we require a doctor's note for an excused absence.

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How will I know if there is a school cancellation or delay due to inclement weather?

In the event of snowstorms or other inclement weather, we will follow the procedure of the Killingly Public Schools:

  • We make announcements through our ALERTNOW phone messaging system.
  • Tune in to WINY 1350 AM and WCAX Channel 3 for information about school closures or delays.
  • We cancel all activities for the day when school is closed and until we remove the snow. This includes extended day, basketball practices (either group or individual), and any other meetings or practices of any kind.
  • We will announce a 90-minute delay first. Stay tuned in case the delay changes to a cancellation.  
  • We will make a decision by 10:30 a.m. to dismiss school early if weather conditions require.  
  • We will extend the last day of school by one day to make up for each lost day due to weather cancellations.
  • Preschool Parents: We will not hold ½ day preschool if we announce a 90-minute delay.

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How much time should my child spend daily on homework?

To build strong study habits and develop self-discipline, we assign homework on a regular basis. We ask that you do not provide an excuse if your child fails to complete his/her homework unless it is a valid reason, such as illness or family emergencies. Forgetting homework or supplies are not valid reasons. We have established the following general guidelines for time spent on homework; these times are flexible in either direction:

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3 & 4
Grade 5 & 6
Grade 7 & 8

10-20 Minutes
20-30 Minutes
30-60 Minutes
45-90 Minutes
70-120 Minutes

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What is the best way to communicate with my child’s teacher(s)?

We encourage parents to contact the teachers via their school email addresses which can be found using the link under the "Staff" Quick Links button on our home page and selecting "Faculty/Staff Directory" from the drop-down menu.

Parents can also call the school and leave a message with the main office or send in a note with their child for the teacher.

We ask that you make an appointment with the teacher before coming to the school to ensure that he or she is available to meet with you. Please do not expect a teacher to confer with you without an appointment. Please respect our teachers’ privacy, and do not contact them at their homes.

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Do you serve hot lunches? What is the cost of school lunches and the payment policy?

We serve hot lunches in the cafeteria daily. We require prepayment by the first of every month or on the first day of the week. Please send money to the cafeteria with your child(ren)’s name(s) and grade(s) printed on the envelope. While we are unable to charge lunches, we can make an exception for the student who has forgotten his/her lunch money. We will not refuse lunch to any child. Please visit our School Lunch page for information regarding pricing, menus, and the federal free or reduced lunch program.

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Due to personal circumstance, we require before and after school childcare. Does St. James School offer a program that might help us out?

We offer our Extended Day Program services before school at 7:00 a.m. and after school until 5:30 p.m. Our certified staff provides the children with wholesome recreational and service-oriented activities. We invite you to view our Extended Day Program page for rates and additional information.

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My child’s doctor requires him/her to take a daily medication during the school day. What do I need to do so my child can take his/her medication at school?

We understand that sometimes it is necessary for students to take medication during the school day. We will administer medications prescribed by a doctor without deviation from Connecticut state law and the Killingly School Board policy as follows:

  • We require a written prescription from your child’s doctor to administer the medication at school.
  • We require parental authorization to administer medication during school.
  • We require that an adult deliver the medication to the school in the original, drugstore container.

Due to choking dangers, we do not permit cough drops or hard candy for students in preschool through grade three. Students in fourth through eighth grades may take lozenges with written, parental approval. If you have any questions regarding our medication policy, please feel free to call the school nurse at 774-8014.

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