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We recognize children as our most prized, precious assets. Choosing a school for your child’s education is a tremendous responsibility with lifelong effects. We hope that you will prayerfully consider the pivotal decision of where and how to educate your child(ren).

Our Purpose

With our eyes steadfastly upon honoring and serving God, we commit to providing our students with the best education possible. Through our enduring commitment to Catholic values, we educate the whole child through core subjects, athletics, and the arts.

Religious Instruction

At St. James School, you can be confident that we will tenderly care for and richly educate your child within our safe, Christian, Catholic environment. Integrating Catholic traditions throughout our entire curriculum, we enjoy the unique blessing of teaching and nurturing children through a faith-based curriculum. It is a delight to watch each child develop his/her gift of faith.

We instill the principles of the Catholic faith as we foster a love of God in our students. Our students engage in meaningful celebrations of the sacraments and develop the ability to make wise choices and the confidence to willingly share their beliefs both in and out of the school environment. We afford our students the opportunity to learn of, and embrace, the power of prayer as we exercise it throughout the day.


You have seen what we have to say about our school. We invite you to read what others have to say.

“I wanted to let you know how proud you should be of all your athletes! They represented SJS in the best possible way. The children behaved well on the court and in the hotel. We enjoyed being a part of such a wonderful group of parents and children, and we commend the outstanding coaches and the children for their extraordinary success and accomplishments.” - Jamie and Jessica Bibeau
“We want our children to have God’s teachings integrated into their entire education. St. James School’s reputation for excellence in teaching, together with the philosophy of respect and service towards others, made sending our children here an easy decision. Our daughter began attending SJS in the 4th grade. This was a big decision; she is a triplet and had never been away from her brother and sister. She enjoyed a wonderful year, and the change made such a positive impact on our entire family that we decided to enroll three of our children at St. James School.

"The teachers and staff do their very best to establish a foundation for our children that will carry them through all their formative years and help them become successful adults. Our only regret: we wish we had started sending all our children in kindergarten! You know that old saying, 'If we knew then what we know now…'" - Beth and Tim Madden