Clubs and Activities

We believe in educating the whole child, mentally, physically, and spiritually. To achieve this holistic approach, we have provided a variety of activities as varied as the interests of our students. We have something for everyone! All clubs and activities will be meeting once per month.

Student Council

Comprised of representatives from grades four through eight, with officers from the eighth grade, our student council develops leadership and team-working skills.

Our mission is to promote good citizenship, encourage a high standard of scholarship, model all-around school spirit and pride, demonstrate the application of democracy in action, and contribute to the general welfare of the community.


We are looking forward to launching our "Young People's Theater." We will teach basic dramatics and stagecraft, culminating in a dramatic production each spring. Students involved in the program have the opportunity to meet after school one or two days per week and occasionally during the school day. We are pleased to welcome Jim Weigel, a retired school librarian and local community theater participant, as director of this exciting program.

Yearbook Committee

Do you want to be a memory maker? Join the yearbook committee! We generally meet once a week, with increased frequency as deadlines approach. Our computer teacher guides the students as they learn the process of publication, from funding to delivery of the product. Students collaborate as they design ads, the book cover and theme, and page layout. As decision makers, students select the images to immortalize their memories, while learning photography skills. Students learn practical life skills including the ability to meet deadlines, to work and collaborate as a team, and budget both time and money.

Student Choir

St. Augustine said that, “He who prays through song, prays twice!” We invite children in grades three through eight to join the children's choir. We sing at school Masses and special events. The time commitment is minimal, and we hold many rehearsals during the regular school day.

Sport Stacking Club

The sports stacking club will start up for it's second year on Monday September 10. The club will meet on Mondays after school from 2:40 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. in the school gymnasium. For more information and sign up sheet see below. 

Grade Level Clubs & Activities
  • K Folk Dancing
  • Grade 1 Building Character Activities 
  • Grade 2 Science Activities
  • Grades 3, 4, & 5 Walking Club
  • Grade 6 Bingo
  • Grade 7 Volleyball
  • Grade 8 Crafts