Our Mission

St. James Catholic School is dedicated to providing a faith, safe, and caring environment. We provide a challenging academic program of a strong moral foundation that incorporates relevant skills with Gospel values. We encourage our students to become life-long learners to serve God and others.

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Our Mission and Philosophy

We believe in educating the whole child, spiritually, academically, physically, and artistically. We accomplish this as we steadfastly focus on our mission and philosophy. Supported by dedicated, involved families who share their time and talents with our school family, we are able to attain our goals and reach even further.

Our Philosophy

Saint James School is a Catholic, Christian community. We focus on creating a richly holistic, educational environment. In addition to promoting academic excellence, we at St. James School believe in the power of Catholic education to transform the lives of our students. We trust in our ability to empower those students to stand as ever-present signs that God is truly with us in our world today. We strive to integrate the spiritual with the academic, social, and emotional well-being of each student.

First and foremost of our goals is the development and nurturance of each child’s gift of faith. Through meaningful celebrations of the sacraments and a conscious effort at inculcating the principles of our Catholic faith, we encourage our students to choose wisely in their dealings with themselves and with others. We encourage them to share willingly their beliefs, both in and out of the school environment. We teach by example to believe strongly in the power of prayer, a constant thread woven throughout the entire school day.

Our caring, dedicated staff employs their professional expertise as they help our students recognize and develop their individual gifts. Our teachers understand that a strong rapport between student and teacher is imperative to successfully develop a child’s gifts. Our teachers work to develop positive relationships based on mutual respect and frequent and open communication between home and school, as they nurture each child’s sense of self.

Within our classrooms, we challenge students to move beyond textbook learning as they make new discoveries in all aspects of their lives. As much as possible, we modify our programs to meet individual needs. Our goal is to motivate students to do their personal best as we prepare them for future academic endeavors.

In all of the above, we, the parents, faculty, and staff of the Saint James Catholic Christian community, feel especially called as people whose ministry is that of empowerment; whether it be with our students, their families, or our colleagues. Together, we strive to share the Good News that is Catholic education!